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Why I worry about the newspaper industry

After a four-year hiatus, I finally returned  to what I love–writing full-time. I work as a staff writer and columnist for a weekly Michigan newspaper. It’s a job I enjoy very much.

What’s there to worry about? When you consider the major cutbacks and layoffs newspapers are making lately, there’s plenty to worry about. Seems like the trend now is to save money by buying out the veteran reporters, getting rid of the freelancers and hiring younger writers.

I’ve had the privilege of talking to two men who’ve both spent lots of time working for one prominent Michigan daily. What they say about working there sounds eerily similar to what I’ve heard GM employees say about their own company: someone who’s incompetent and who doesn’t know a news story from a feature or a nut graph from peanut butter is rewarded by being promoted to some editor position.

Why stay in this industry? Because I love what I do.

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