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Hey, Jersey Shore fans, did you hear an American literature giant died?

And not just Jersey Shore fans, but anybody obsessed with pop culture, for that matter.

His name was Ray Bradbury, and he wrote many books, short stories, essays, plays, poems and was a giant among science fiction and fantasy literature. Earlier today, he passed away at 91. He would’ve been 92 on August 22; I know this very well since on that day, my father will turn 76.

My favorite Bradbury book was The Illustrated Man, a collection of short stories. Each tattoo on the illustrated man’s body tells a story about the future, and the final one predicts the story teller’s future (luckily for him, he reads it while the illustrated man sleeps and escapes his fate). My two favorite stories in that book were “The Fire Balloons” (American clergymen try to evangelize incorporeal Martian beings) and “Marionnettes, Inc.” (a man’s robot begins thinking for itself and does the unthinkable).

R.I.P., Mr. Bradbury.

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