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Battle of the Bulge 10-18-2011

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I took a slight step back this week, remembering that if you want to lose weight, moderate eating and lots of water aren’t enough; you must also exercise. Needless to say, once done here I will walk about 2.7 miles to the library and back to drop off a movie and check to see if a book I have on order is ready.

Last week, I cooked for myself since my sons weren’t at home. Unstuffed peppers. This consists of–duh!–peppers (the recipe called for green bell peppers, and while I don’t dislike the green ones, I prefer the sweeter and less bitter orange and yellow), wild rice, mushrooms, Polish sausage and a red onion. I also threw in a hodgepodge of seasonings.

I prefer to cook from scratch whenever possible but ended up tossing in the flavor packet from the discounted Rice-A-Roni wild rice. And, the mushrooms were packaged already sliced.

I will definitely have to make it a habit of cooking with wild rice. Even in leftover mode, it has an excellent texture and doesn’t clump together. I can’t say the same about brown rice. Maybe I’m just not enough of a rice-ologist yet.

Yep, Richard LOVES rice!

So, as I cooked, I seasoned and followed the directions, I cooked the rice first, then uncased and cooked the sausage, put that in with the rice when done and then sauteed the mushrooms, peppers and onions together. I also learned from this dish that when mushrooms are sauteed and seasoned the right way, they’re delicious.

Sauteeing the veggies–wait, are mushrooms technically considered vegetables?

And, of course, slicing the onions was a very emotional experience. Perhaps Whitney Houston and her longtime producer Clive Davis will give me their blessing to parody her song “So Emotional” and sing these lyrics: “I get so emotional baby, everytiiiiiiiiiiime I slice onions for you”.

As usual, I was my worst critic, but overall, I thought it turned out pretty well. I’ll definitely have to make it again sometime, although I wasn’t really impressed with the Polish sausage and might either try chorizo or something else.

The end product

Finding the right flavor is not like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but rather a needle in a needle stack. There are countless flavors…but you’re looking for the perfect one that makes you say Zowie!

And, today, I tried my hand at making an omelet. I fried bacon, sauteed yellow bell peppers and first melted margarine in the pan to help the egg not stick to it. It worked well except I was hungry and decided to put in three eggs.

A nice, big omelet, yes, but it was too big to turn over (I have only one spatula and I don’t have the dexterity to flip it the way Meryl Streep’s Julia Child character did it in Julie & Julia), so I, um, sort of tried to use the spatula and sort of failed. Some of the egg turned over while the rest tore away. I ended up chopping up the omelet and mixing it with the peppers, bacon and cheese.

The good news is, the eggs didn’t stick to the pan!

So now, I continue eating in moderation, drinking lots of water and cooking dishes with appeal.

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10-10-2011 Update on Battle of the Bulge

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday morning I weighed in at 259.

In two weeks, I have dropped three pounds.

The last time I exercised was last Monday, and I doubt I’ll do that today since I have to pay my rent this evening and have housework to do.

This past week, I have remained good at eating in moderation, drinking water and doing something different: when I need a snack, I drink grape juice or eat grapes or bananas. I have eaten far less fast food and candy.

I intend to get in some intense exercise this week in the form of housework. No more excuses.

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10-4-2011 update on my battle of the bulge

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Last week, I weighed 262 pounds.

On October 3 in the morning I weighed myself again.

259.8 pounds.

That means I lost 2.2 pounds. Or, in the metric system, that would be a kilogram.

Today I had some sugary stuff on my way in to work and then went to lunch with my co-worker. We ate at a Chinese fast food restaurant, one with all the handwritten signs that strongly suggest the sign writer’s first language definitely is not English. It wasn’t too bad (the food, that is). I’m glad it wasn’t a buffet, or I may have gorged myself.

After work, I stopped at Snap Fitness to exercise and try out a setting on the treadmill. I hit the wrong button, apparently, but still walked about 2.2 miles. The 45 minutes went by fast as I watched the Tampa Bay Rays/Texas Rangers game. Then I spent a few minutes on a stair climber and decided to try that again once I better understood how the machine worked.

Last night I finished off the beef and mushroom tacos. Good stuff. I ate more than planned but thankfully didn’t overindulge.

Later today, fixing another dish and going on a long walk and doing housecleaning. 

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Beef-and-mushroom tacos with avocado salad

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Lately I have been clipping recipes out of various magazines, including Everyday With Rachael Ray and Taste of Home. This weekend I decided to cook for my two youngest sons beef-and-mushroom tacos with avocado salad.

The beef-and-mushroom mixture is on top, the avocado salad on bottom

I have learned that if I follow a recipe carefully, cooking is nowhere near the daunting task it used to be.

So, I began with the prep work: slicing the onions and garlic, dicing the avocados and dicing the jalapeños (after painstakingly removing the seeds) and squeezed lime juice from the limes.

Originally, I had considered buying whole mushrooms and slicing them, but I chickened out and bought mushrooms that were already sliced.

Then I fried the hamburger with onions and chopped up jalapeños, browned it and set it aside and fried up the mushrooms and garlic, then combined it with the hamburger. Prior to this, I combined the avocado and more onions into a bowl with salt and pepper.

I also sprinkled friendly amounts of Cavender’s Sodium-Free seasoning.

My two youngest sons ate and enjoyed it thoroughly. One put in shredded cheese and salsa, which I tried also.

It wasn’t bad. As I cooked I tasted and despite the seasonings I put in it never seemed to have that blow-my-socks-off flavor. Maybe it’s just me. Interestingly enough, while I’ve never been a huge fan of mushrooms, I found the mushrooms this time to be not bad. Not bad at all.

I had two helpings and stopped. My youngest, who is thin, stopped after one and said he wants to maintain his weight. It sounds like he is excellent at moderation.

No exercise today, unless you count walking around taking pictures.

Monday I plan to exercise after work and will probably that morning weigh myself.

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