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Actor Gary Dourdan gets slap on the wrist in drug arrest

First, there was sportscaster Marv “YESSSSSSSS!” Albert getting his wrist slapped years ago; after being arrested on sexual assault charges, Albert plea bargained his way into a sweetheart deal that expunged the charges from his criminal record if he kept his nose clean and didn’t arrested within a year.

Now, it’s CSI star Gary Dourdan’s turn.

Remember? He was arrested last month outside Palm Springs when police reportedly found heroin, cocaine and ecstasy in his car. All three are felonies.

Dourdan pled guilty to two of the three counts. Not only will he not go to prison (he could’ve served more than three years), but after completing 30 hours of a diversion program, his case will be dismissed completely.

Makes me sick. When John Q. Public gets arrested on drug charges, most likely he will have to figure out how to avoid becoming a girlfriend of one of the prison’s most feared inmates. All Dourdan has to wonder now is whether or not he’ll be returning to CSI for its ninth season (his character was shot in the season finale).

Some justice.

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$4.09 per gallon

That’s how much I paid today at the Simon’s Citgo gas station in Arbela Township (about five miles west of the village of Millington), Michigan.

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It’s cold in them there hills!

It got into the upper thirties last night up here in Michigan. Chilly at around 55 degrees.

And to think June’s almost here.

My mother, who lives in South Texas, told me that a few days ago it was 101 degrees there.

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Memorial Day thoughts

I had posted a blog of actress Jessica Lange’s scathing comments about President Bush and the war during her daughter’s college commencement address. After some thought, I’ve removed the posting for a few reasons. One, it’s Memorial Day. Two, Lange is entitled to her opinion and I’ve grown tired of constantly addressing celebrities’ thoughts on war and peace. Three, frankly, I found her comments to simply not be worthy of dignification.

I think Ms. Lange is a great actress and, yes, 20 years ago, I had a huge crush on her. I’ll leave it at that.

I wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day.

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Tomorrow is Memorial Day

I’ll be thinking about Specialist Larry Dahl, father of an Army buddy. Spc Dahl posthumously won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam by throwing himself onto a grenade to save the lives of his comrades.


There’s more thoughts I have on the day, but this thought deserves its own blog post.

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My newest column preview–new Dirty Harry movie

Just sent out my latest column “Will Dirty Harry follow Indiana Jones’ in his walker-aided footsteps?” to my hometown newspaper, the Beeville Bee-Picayune. When Clint Eastwood announced there would not be another Dirty Harry film while the latest Indiana Jones has been released, I just couldn’t resist.

Below is an excerpt. If you don’t get the Bee-Pic and would like to read the rest, or if you’re interested in syndicating my column Richard’s Ramblings, feel free to drop me a line at

Among the scenes:

1) A TV reporter (played by Eastwood’s real-life wife, former reporter Dina Eastwood decides to interview Harry to get into his sensitive side.

Reporter: Inspector Callahan, your adoring female fans that haven’t died yet from natural causes have a question for you: Boxers or briefs?

Harry: Depends.

Reporter: Depends on the situation? Such as briefs for cold days but boxers for—

Harry: No, Depends as in Depends Undergarments!

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McCain rejects Hagee’s endorsement

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has rejected the endorsement of San Antonio megapastor John Hagee.

Hagee, pastor of the Alamo City’s Cornerstone Church, endorsed McCain three months ago, sparking a controversy among Christians who view the Arizona senator as a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

McCain was said to have formally rejected Hagee’s endorsement due to Hagee’s controversial comments on the Catholic Church and on the state of Israel. His rejection reminds me of Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama finally getting around to rejecting the controversial statements made by his pastor Jeremiah Wright.

According to the Huffington Post, McCain’s decision stemmed from a controversial statement Hagee once made about God allegedly using Adolf Hitler to usher in the State of Israel. Hagee, according to HP, has claimed his comments have been taken out of context. Maybe so, but it really illustrates for me that ALL pastors–from the staunchest conservative to the most ardent liberal–should focus on three things: preaching the Gospel, encouraging believers in their growth and teaching what the Bible says.
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