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Maybe there’s a reason mice fear cats

December 31, 2007 Leave a comment

New research indicates that mice, if genetically altered, lose their fear of cats. Japanese scientists at the University of Tokyo say they have modified mice by removing certain nasal cells.” Without the nasal cells, mice no longer smell the cat and no longer try run away–as mice are said to be naturally terrified of cats.

The scientists say that their research shows that mice are genetically designed to fear cats and that it’s not learned by experience.

Of course, without the nasal cells the mice would be even more defenseless. They would approach the cat, which would then snatch them up. Cats that I’ve seen usually do one of the following with mice: kill then and eat them, play with them and then kill and eat them or play with them and then lose them.

Sounds to me like this gene is a survival instinct of mice. Extinction would certainly be a lot more rampant if animals suddenly had no more fear of their predators.

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Speaking of John Tesh…

December 29, 2007 Leave a comment

…a fellow Christian and friend of mine in broadcasting tells me that he has met John Tesh a few times and has even interviewed him once or twice on the air. Said to me that Mr. Tesh couldn’t have been a nicer man.

I say this just so that anyone reading this blog realizes that my attempts at parodying “Intelligence For Your Life” are for humor purposes only. I can’t remember if I mentioned this is my prior post, but Tesh’s show is one that helps me get through the early morning hours as I work at a bagel shop (I’m not really a morning person).

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Having fun with John Tesh

December 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Let me preface this blog post by saying I love John Tesh’s radio show and his “Intelligence For Your Life” tidbits. But as I listen, I can’t help but think of how funny it would be to parody them. With that, occassionally I’ll be posting “Stupidity For Your Death”, as told by someone like Tohn Jesh or Sean Desh.

For starters:

Hi. Sean Desh here. Are you tired of seeing all that money earned from poker trips to Vegas getting eaten up in taxes? Here are some tips on how you can save that money in this edition of Stupidity For Your Death.

1. Hire a shady accountant, one whose silence can be bought with pricey gifts.

2. Store that money in a bank account in someplace like Switzerland or Luxembourg.

3. List yourself on tax returns as an “entertainment consultant”.

4. Don’t try to claim as a tax write-off visits to Vegas strip clubs. Nothing screams “IRS Audit” more than a blatantly-unauthorized claim on your tax returns.

Following these steps can help you make more trips to Vegas and retire much sooner–preferably to some non-extraditionary island in the Pacific Ocean.

Next time on Stupidity For Your Death: making lots of extra money by pretending to be a debt collector.

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Leadership, according to Dad

December 27, 2007 Leave a comment

My father’s always been the modest type who prefers not to be the center of attention, so I figure this might embarrass him a bit. In a good way, though. Over the years I’ve known lots of classmates whose fathers/uncles/friends/relatives have worked for Dad. All have spoken glowingly about Dad and how much they loved working for him. I asked Dad what his view of leadership was and here’s what he said.

1. Work alongside your men and don’t be afraid get dirty and brave the elements with them.
2. Treat them as equals.
3. Be open to advice on how to solve a problem.
4. Be firm when needed.
5. When you have an employee who’s struggling but really trying to get the job done, try to work with him.

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I WAS Legend

December 23, 2007 Leave a comment

If ever there was a movie to be made of the rise and fall of the career that was Tom Cruise’s, here’s what it could be called:

I WAS Legend.

Synopsis: young actor gets bit roles, gets his big break with Risky Business, becomes a big star with movies like Top Gun and Mission: Impossible before melting down about his “religion”, psychiatry and jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s couch. His career jumps the couch and before long he’s no longer a hot ticket in Hollywood.

Perhaps coming soon to a theater near you…

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Michael Jackson’s devolving look

December 20, 2007 Leave a comment

When I look at Michael Jackson’s face, it reminds me of something very disturbing.

The cadaver of a burn victim that has had lots and lots of plastic surgery.

As you see from this recent pic of Jacko, he is continuing down the slope of going from a handsome black man to, well, it’s hard to describe it, but he looks like someone whose face was horribly burned in an accident and has had countless surgeries to try to reconstruct it.

Those things on his face are called “surgical plasters”, although I’m not sure what they’re used for.

Coming out early next year, according to this article, will be Jacko’s new “album”–a 25th-anniversary edition of his hit 1983 album Thriller. This one will be called Thriller 25.

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Time to make the Bagels!

December 20, 2007 Leave a comment

The past few weeks, as I work at Bab’s Deli in Davison, Mich., this commercial says it all. Just substite “bagel” for “donut”…

One of the tricks I’ve learned to getting up bright and early is getting to sleep early. This has its disadvantages: one of my guilty pleasures is watching reruns of That 70s Show, but right now there is just simply no way to watch that show and get adequate sleep. And I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you have to get up nice and early and try to do so on a few hours of sleep.

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