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From A to Zowie review of ‘Iron Man 3’

On Friday, May 3, my two youngest sons and I went to see the latest installment in the Iron Man saga–Iron Man 3.

I like this series a lot. At home I own the first two movies, including the first one in a special-edition DVD.

Despite my busy schedule lately, I was able to watch this movie without falling asleep. Still, I think it might’ve been easier to follow if read the comic book series it is based off of.

In this installment, our hero Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is now in a relationship with his manager/assistant, Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow). His latest enemy is actually a group of enemies headed by Mandarin (as it turns out, played by Guy Pearce, one of the true underappreciated actors in Hollywood). Stark appears to be some human villain who through a science experiment can regenerate himself from injuries. Stark and Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle) work together to take on Mandarin and, ultimately, try to save the president.

I should probably stop there since to discuss more would give away plot points.

What I liked about Iron Man 3: Very gripping as Tony lets his ego get the better of him and then has to rely on others to help him in his quest. Pearce does a great job as a bad guy seeking revenge for having been slighted. And the Iron Man suit continues to evolve in ways that lead to fascinating surprises. Many of the plot lines were very gripping.

What I didn’t like about Iron Man 3: I LOVED the first movie, liked the second one but felt this one lagged in ways. By the end of the movie, I was telliing my sons, “I REALLY hope there’s no Iron Man 4.” It’s as if the story went from a job to a quick walk as it crossed the finish line.

Overall, I liked Iron Man 3. I hope they stay with a trilogy. We’ll see.

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