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Getting ready for the fiscal cliff…

I read once that NHL goaltender Arturs Irbe was asked why he was a Republican. His paraphrased reply: “I’m from Latvia and lived under a communist big government. Socialism does not work.”

I find it ironic that President Obama and other democrats who run our government seem intent on becoming the same type of socialistic “paradise” that so many have risked life and limb to flee. Those refugees have been fleeing to America. Soon, where will they be able to flee? If socialism has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, do we really think it’ll magically succeed here in America?

Mr. President, what is so difficult to understand about how raising taxes won’t solve our problems, and neither will spending money you do not have?

One friend of mine said that Obama won re-election by conveying a message about the government giving away things for free while Governor Mitt Romney wanted to make it easier for people to get jobs where they could earn money to pay for things. Those who voted for Obama lack the understanding to realize it’s not free.

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  1. December 4, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Spending has been rising slower than it did during Reagan, Bush or Bush. Only during Clinton’s first term did spending rise less than Obama’s first term. Not sure where people get the idea Obama is a big spender.


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