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Richard’s Theory on College Scholarships

I know of a very bright young man who was unable to attend a particular Michigan university due to lack of funds. The university had the program he wanted to study (it’s in the performing arts), but without the right scholarships and money, it was out of his reach.

I look at professional sports and think of athletes like Deion Sanders and Vinny Testaverde and how while they left college after four years to go pro, they were considerably short of earning their degrees. Currently, it’s not at all unusual for football and basketball players to leave college after their junior years to go pro. Some go pro after only one season in college.

Why not this rule: Any college athlete who leaves college to go pro and has not completed their degree, out of their first professional paycheck the cost of their scholarship must be garnished.

Ironic, isn’t it, how so many who’d love to go to college can’t afford it while money and scholarships instead are spent on athletes, many of whom are solely at college to get tuned up for pro ball?

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