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10-4-2011 update on my battle of the bulge

Last week, I weighed 262 pounds.

On October 3 in the morning I weighed myself again.

259.8 pounds.

That means I lost 2.2 pounds. Or, in the metric system, that would be a kilogram.

Today I had some sugary stuff on my way in to work and then went to lunch with my co-worker. We ate at a Chinese fast food restaurant, one with all the handwritten signs that strongly suggest the sign writer’s first language definitely is not English. It wasn’t too bad (the food, that is). I’m glad it wasn’t a buffet, or I may have gorged myself.

After work, I stopped at Snap Fitness to exercise and try out a setting on the treadmill. I hit the wrong button, apparently, but still walked about 2.2 miles. The 45 minutes went by fast as I watched the Tampa Bay Rays/Texas Rangers game. Then I spent a few minutes on a stair climber and decided to try that again once I better understood how the machine worked.

Last night I finished off the beef and mushroom tacos. Good stuff. I ate more than planned but thankfully didn’t overindulge.

Later today, fixing another dish and going on a long walk and doing housecleaning. 

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