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Beef-and-mushroom tacos with avocado salad

Lately I have been clipping recipes out of various magazines, including Everyday With Rachael Ray and Taste of Home. This weekend I decided to cook for my two youngest sons beef-and-mushroom tacos with avocado salad.

The beef-and-mushroom mixture is on top, the avocado salad on bottom

I have learned that if I follow a recipe carefully, cooking is nowhere near the daunting task it used to be.

So, I began with the prep work: slicing the onions and garlic, dicing the avocados and dicing the jalapeños (after painstakingly removing the seeds) and squeezed lime juice from the limes.

Originally, I had considered buying whole mushrooms and slicing them, but I chickened out and bought mushrooms that were already sliced.

Then I fried the hamburger with onions and chopped up jalapeños, browned it and set it aside and fried up the mushrooms and garlic, then combined it with the hamburger. Prior to this, I combined the avocado and more onions into a bowl with salt and pepper.

I also sprinkled friendly amounts of Cavender’s Sodium-Free seasoning.

My two youngest sons ate and enjoyed it thoroughly. One put in shredded cheese and salsa, which I tried also.

It wasn’t bad. As I cooked I tasted and despite the seasonings I put in it never seemed to have that blow-my-socks-off flavor. Maybe it’s just me. Interestingly enough, while I’ve never been a huge fan of mushrooms, I found the mushrooms this time to be not bad. Not bad at all.

I had two helpings and stopped. My youngest, who is thin, stopped after one and said he wants to maintain his weight. It sounds like he is excellent at moderation.

No exercise today, unless you count walking around taking pictures.

Monday I plan to exercise after work and will probably that morning weigh myself.

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