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Richard’s Battle of the Bulge, 9-27-2011

I weighed myself a few days ago and am at 262 pounds. That’s 100 pounds more than my target weight of 162. That’s the same I was last week; good news is, I haven’t gained weight.

When I graduated from voice interceptor school at Goodfellow Air Force Base in April 1998, I was down to 158 pounds. Still, I’ll shoot for 162 and see where it goes from there.

I have not been able to exercise as much lately as I’d like partly due to having some congestion and feeling a little under the weather. Add that to 54 hours per week working and your body tends to tell you to spend your off time recuperating. Still, I’m hoping this week to hit the gym at least once and get back into walking.

I had wanted to exercise at Snap Fitness yesterday for my trial week, but they were running behind schedule and didn’t get there in time to unlock it. No worries once I received their explanation. I have looked around and even though Snap is small and doesn’t have a shower room, it looks to be my best bet for a fitness center.

My eating habits aren’t perfect yet, but lately I’ve been much better about practicing moderation. One helping and that’s it. It’s also beneficial to drink more water and more fruit juice (I love grape juice). And in the past week, I’ve had fast food twice. Yes, it would be better to say none, but that’s much better than what it normally is. This weekend I made guacamole from scratch and a Mexican dish called Chilaquile. I ate both in controlled portions, thankfully.

I offered some of each to my future ex-wife when she came over to pack up some of her possessions and asked for honest assessments. She told me the guacamole was a little bland (which, frankly, I agreed with that) and she liked the Chilaquile so much she asked for the recipe. (Jennifer’s an excellent cook, so her culinary opinions are important to me).

Where did I get the recipe from? From the back of a Kroger shredded cheese package. Same place I got the rice dish I tried. And the guacamole recipe came from All Recipes.

The nice thing about having leftover Chilaquile is it means I won’t be stopping at McDonald’s on the way in to Kroger.

Again, let’s remember: while there are exceptions here and there, losing weight and even maintaining it is straightforward: 1) drink a lot of water, 2) make healthy, moderate food choices and 3) get lots of exercise. Knowing is easy; applying is a different story.

If I can get done what I need to quickly enough, I plan to leave for Frankenmuth early so I can park at Kroger and go on a walk to get some exercise.

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