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September 22, 2011

My food intake today mirrored yesterday–a Double Gulp, some cookies (for some energy to wake up since my day began at 4:45 a.m.). Then for some more energy (since I’m not a morning person and didn’t get a lot of sleep last night), I had two almond Hershey bars. Also drank a liter of water, about a liter of Diet Dr. Pepper and then at lunch had some leftover rotini pasta with spaghetti sauce (store-bought) with some tortilla chips sprinkled on top. And a banana.

I had intended to go exercise once work was over, but I didn’t want to use gas to drive down to Clio and by the time I drove home I felt too exhausted to walk. I took a nap but kept getting woken up by texts and the cell phone. I felt like pulling a Jack Bauer from 24 and going dark.

Should I have walked? Yep.

Maybe I can still walk this evening. Don’t know. We’ll see.

When I got home, I had two egg sandwiches with a slice of cheese on top. Then this evening I had three slices of toast with butter and strawberry jam. Drank some grape juice, milk and now am drinking water.

I told myself that the chest congestion meant I should take it easy, but now i wish I’d pushed myself. Once I get some work done for the newspaper, I just might go for a walk.

It is safe to say that I like eating food for the same reason alcoholics like to drink and sexaholics like to sleep with anyone who’s willing. I keep telling myself I’m hungry, and there’s this urge to eat something that tastes good. The trick is to take your time eating, enjoy it, and give your stomach ample time to send your brain the “I’M FULL!!!! STOP EATING!!!” signal.

So, for now, I slowly work to quit looking like one of the infamous McGuire Twins.

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