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Richard Zowie, Paper Mate fanatic, reviews Paper Mate’s Silhouette Elite, 300 RT

Those who know me know Paper Mates are my favorite pens. While I have been known to write with Zebra pens also, Paper Mates still remain my favorites. Why? Maybe because I’m weird. Or maybe because they have a nice grip, write well and don’t cost too much.

So, I would like to review two of the most recent types of Paper Mates I have purchased. You know the drill: I will summarize the pen, tell you what I liked and didn’t like and then tell you overall what I think.

Paper Mate Silhouette Elite

I actually bought this several months ago. Paper Mate had gone about a year without issuing a new pen. Or, at the very least, there were none in my area. I was indeed in misery as I do not like the Profiles (the 1.6-mm ballpoint is far too wide and creates thicker lines), and I already had enough Profits. I had purchased a few Zebra pens. Some I liked and others I didn’t really like.

The Silhouette Elite comes in white and is offered in black, blue and red. It’s a 1.0-mm ballpoint.

What I like about it: It has a very sturdy construction (unlike the 1.2’s and the Profiles) with a metal clasp that stays securely in a shirt pocket. Once the initial waxy newness wears off, the rubberized grip is very comfortable and helps you settle down and do some decent writing. And, it’s very aesthetically pleasing and has a practical, but elegant look.

What I don’t like about it: The black-ink SE’s tend to leak ink–not into your pocket, but when you write with one, the initial lines have a tiny extra glob on them and smear easily. The ink tube itself is white, meaning you can’t see through it to see how much remains.

Overall, I’m more than willing to tolerate what little I don’t like. I give the Paper Mate Silhouette Elite 4 out of 5 stars.

Paper Mate 300 RT


I bought a pack of these about a month ago at a Davison, Mich., Kroger. When I saw it was a new Paper Mate pen, I gave in and decided to try it.

What I like about it: I loved the old-style Paper Mate BP Silk Writers (which have been discontinued), and this seems to be a modern version of it. The barrel is a little thinner but still a comfortable rubbery grip. The clasp is secure and when I write with this, my handwriting is very good. And despite being a new pen, it’s not that expensive.

What I don’t like about it: It has the same annoying white ink tube that you can’t see through.

Overall, I like the 300 RT a lot. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Rodger DeRamus
    January 31, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Richard Zowie:

    I am also a papermate lover. I have used one pen for a few years now, buying refills for it whenever I can find them. It is a Silhouette, the pen with the champagne barrel with gold trim. I believe it has been discontinued and replaced by the pen with rhe white barrel. It looks very professional. I am former military and carrying a pen is just second nature to have a pen in my pocket.
    I was doing some straightening up around my garage mot long ago and realized the pen was missing from my jeans pocket and when I found it, the pocket clip was missing, it just sticks in a slot on the side of the pen. I can’t find a replacement. If you happened to have an old pen like it, I would like it if you would let me know.


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