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My vacation: visiting a duck pond in Victoria, Texas

When my sister, Sabrina, asked me if I wanted to visit a duck pond while I was in Texas, I spent several hours thinking it over.

Yeah, right.

She had to go to Victoria, Texas to run some errands, so it was the perfect opportunity for me, the young’uns and other nephews and my oldest niece to tag along to see what we could find.

It was very warm that day as we drove the hour from Beeville to Victoria. First, we visited a mall where my sons got acquainted with the Texas-versus-Texas A&M rivalry…

While my nephews made it clear which teams they supported…

One sporting goods store told me they sold only University of Texas merchandise since nobody bought Texas A&M. Oddly enough, even though this was in Victoria, I could not find any University of Houston memorabilia (Houston is only about 120 miles away and is much closer than Austin).

Here I am showing a Houston Astros hat I liked but didn’t like its price

Then, we went to the duck pond. We saw a healthy sampling of Pekins and Mallards and even some Muscovies frolicking in the water. Some let us get close but not too close.

We also saw some rodent-like creatures (similar to beavers) swimming in the water. They and the ducks completely ignored each other.

Pictures were taken, including this one of me and my sisters:

I spent much time recording video of this trip, and at the very end one of my sons found me a nice, shiny rock to take as a memento of the trip.

And, lastly, we went to a sporting goods store and Charles found a military gas mask did his impersonation of that The Empire Strikes Back line “Luke, I’m your father!”*

* Actually, after Luke Skywalker tells Darth Vader that he (Darth) killed Luke’s father, Darthie replies, “No, I am your father!”

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