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My vacation: Dad’s mancave

Back in the early 1990s, when my grandfather came to live with us due to his declining health, my Dad had a building constructed and moved onto our property to house my grandfather’s possessions. Grandpa referred to it as “The Cabin.”

Grandpa died in 1994, and eventually the cabin evolved into a sentimental place for my Dad to store mementos. Tools, pictures, music, etc. Dad also modified the building so it could become his workshop.

And now, it has become Dad’s “mancave”.

I stayed out there during my time home. It has air conditioning, a refrigerator where water and soda are kept and a TV. Back when my parents still had a landline, Dad has a vintage telephone hooked up that could receive phone calls.

It’s a place Dad goes when he wants to have solitude.

And as I stayed out there, it was a little emotional.

Out there was Dad’s life, his career. Photos, books collected (mostly western paperbacks), vinyl albums, eight-track players.

Dad will soon be 75, and he has always been a very private person. Being out there gave me a glimpse into his private side, something perhaps very people get to see.

Now, I just wish I could be tidy and organized like him. đŸ™‚

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