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Reality tv, sports observations

It must be a very slow news day for the media to report on a certain reality tv star getting into an overseas fender bender. (Nope, I won’t say who, but if you check the news you’ll see who the person is).

Let’s see: the War on Terror, energy concerns, the Middle East, a Chinese artist being oppressed, America’s debt, budget concerns, unemployment…

…and America is fixated on reality television?

Priorities, priorities…

…The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Bruins haven’t won it since the early 1970s while the Canucks have never won it and no Canadian team has won it in almost 20 years.

Still, I’ll go with Boston even though I don’t dislike the Canucks and even though I love the Canucks’s unis (the word mark and the skillful blending of blue and green are very nice)…

…Go Dallas Mavericks! I’d love to see every team in Texas have an NBA championship…

…The Houston Astros are now under new ownership. Call me silly and shallow, but I’m hoping Houston ditches the black/brick/sand pinstriped railroad look and returns to the blue and orange space theme of the 1960s. You know: nothing says space exploration, progress and the future like a train–especially when you’re called the Astros and especially since the former Astro with a train nickname–Nolan “The Ryan Express” Ryan–now owns the rival Texas Rangers…

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