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My experiment in the kitchen: bell peppers, tomatoes, onions

You will never, ever see me on Hell’s Kitchen–not even just for kicks. I love to cook and am passionate about it, but strictly as a hobby. I don’t have the aptitude or desire to do it professionally. Managing 15 dishes at once? Nope, not for me. Writing’s my talent God has given me. Cooking is something I do strictly for pleasure.

A few years ago, I made home made spaghetti and I spent about an hour just on the sauce. You can’t do that in a restaurant. Everything has to be done yesterday. I like the freedom of relaxing, experimenting and going at my own pace.

So, tonight was one of those nights as I decided to use some ingredients to make a topping for tortilla chips: a yellow bell pepper, an orange bell pepper, an onion, a tomato. Mixed in was Italian seasoning, some oregano, some hot sauce and another seasoning I can’t recall. Then into a pan to sautee. Did this for a few minutes, stirring often.

Then, on top of tortilla chips, and then shredded cheese on top of that. Microwave for a minute and a half to melt the cheese.

The result wasn’t too bad. It won’t win any cooking awards, but it was pretty good.

Technically, what I had was vegetarian rather than vegan (the cheese nullified the vegan).

Next time, I will probably dice the peppers and tomatoes smaller and try to sautee them in olive oil for longer.

The leftover concoction of seasoned peppers, onions and tomatoes I will probably use tomorrow for breakfast to try to make an omelet. Will be making omelets for my young’uns (my two youngest sons) this weekend along with spaghetti (using, of course, home-made sauce; I hate store-bought sauces). Was told by a Facebook friend that my Texas friend, Aaron, is REALLY good at making omelets. Will have to consult with him.

Richard Zowie likes to cook, his specialty being spaghetti. He hopes someday to make spaghetti with fresh-made pasta. Post comments here or e-mail him at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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