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A complaint I received about my column

Last week, while working at my newspaper, I ran into a gentleman who didn’t sound too happy. He told me that he and his friends felt I trashed democrats and unions too much and they didn’t like my column.

I looked through my archives the past four months and came across one column–late last year–where I was critical of a democrat: Senator Carl Levin, who believes that companies that outsource jobs should not get tax breaks–never mind those companies have been leaving Michigan because the price of doing business here is far too high.

Politely, I told the gentleman that he was mistaken about me trashing democrats and unions all the time and that contrary to what he insisted, he did not read my column all the time. Lately, most of what I write has been in the humor realm (my wife and I are divorcing, and divorce causes stress, and since I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs, I deal with stress with humor). The gent was upset that in a recent column I referred to Minnesota senator Al Franken as “comedian Al Franken”. Never mind that Franken has made a mockery of himself as a senator (I waited in vain for him to ask then-Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a real question).

“A lot of people don’t like your column,” he told me.

I replied: “A lot of people do. You know there are democrat-leaning columnists in the Detroit Free Press, Flint Journal and Saginaw News. Is it the end of the world if there’s one conserative columnist out there?”

“Are you a republican?”

“I’m an independent conservative who believes the GOP has lost its way.”

I hope I didn’t come across as feisty, but in recent months I have developed self-respect and self-confidence–both of which have been lacking in my life for a very long time (around 13 years). And, among my vast array of pet peeves, I absolutely hate it when people use hyperbole to accuse me of something I haven’t done.

In short, if you like to read my column, wonderful. If not, feel free to skip over it. I make no apologies for my sense of humor, and most certainly not for being a conservative.

Richard Zowie wonders if those who hate his guts would refuse an organ donation from him if he died unexpectedly and they needed a heart or liver. Post comments here or e-mail them to fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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