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Count your blessings, Carlos Estevez…er, Charlie Sheen

The headline is a dig at Carlos Estevez, a.k.a., Charlie Sheen, for calling Two and a Half Losers producer Chuck Lorre “Chaim Levine”.

Oddly enough, Lorre’s real name is listed as Charles Levine. I guess Sheen felt that Chaim was the Hebrew equivalent of Charles.

So now, apparently Sheen wants a salary increase from$1.6-ish million an episode to $3 million. That is assuming the head honchos choose to bring back Two and a Half Men.

Is the show funny? Yep. But it’s a type of humor that doesn’t satisfy me. Jon Cryer is a loser who lets people walk all over him, their mom’s a shrew and Sheen wins all kinds of accolades for essentially playing himself. Watching the show is like watching an episode of The Jerry Springer Show: it makes you feel much better about your own pathetic life.

One episode I remember involved Charlie’s girlfriend. She wanted a breast reduction due to her large chest causing her back pain and headaches (which really do happen, I’m told). Charlie, horrified at his toys becoming smaller, tricked her into believing if her boobs became smaller, people would notice her butt more. So, she chose to keep them the size they were.


Why are the daily trials of a hedonistic pig supposed to be funny?

Still, Sheen could easily be a quillionaire if he banked most of his salary and didn’t spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands on drugs and hookers. The money will run out someday.

And now, I will head outside to watch a falling star and call it “Charlie Sheen”…

Richard Zowie’s opinions are like a broken clock: twice a day, they’re very accurate. Post comments here or at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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