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Michigan’s budget problems

If Rick Snyder wanted a tough job, he’s getting what he asked for.

“One Tough Nerd” faces the challenge of trying to create jobs, create a business-friendly environment and make budget cuts that will help Michigan back into financial solvency.

The problem is, it seems like every proposed cut is met with fierce opposition.

Something has to be cut, it’s just an issue of what it’ll be.

One person today angrily suggested to me that Snyder and other politicians go without salaries, and they calmed down when I informed them Snyder has forgone all but a single dollar of his salary and has returned it back to Michigan.

Makes me glad I’m not in office. I’d already be having Maalox moments.

Richard Zowie is happy being a private citizen. Post comments here or e-mail them to fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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