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Will Jason Garrett become the Dallas Cowboys’ permanent head coach?

So far, Jason Garrett appears to be the anti-Wade Phillips–not necessarily a bad thing.

A road win for the Dallas Cowboys against the Indianapolis Colts and the slumping Peyton Manning? Not too shabby. Manning must be cursing himself right now and lamenting not facing the Cowboys when Wade Phillips was still head coach; then, he would’ve faced a punchless defense he could’ve easily lit up.

So far, Jason Garrett is 3-1 as the Cowboys head coach. His sole loss came in a near-comeback win on Thanksgiving Day against the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees–who was thought to be too short and have too average an arm to be a successful NFL quarterback.

When Dallas first hired Garrett to run the offense, it seemed a matter of time before some other team would hire Garrett to be head coach. This season, many Cowboys fans felt Garrett’s play calling was far too conservative. His stock fell.

And now as the head coach, he seems to be doing very nicely.

Dallas seems more disciplined (evidenced by their new dress code and by their defense actually making stops now) and is winning games despite having a career backup quarterback in Jon Kitna at the helm. The discipline really is needed for a team that this season was, frankly, overconfident and overrated.

Could Garrett end up becoming Dallas’ next great head coach? Time will tell. All I know for sure is that Jerry Jones probably won’t be bugging the NFL to let him hire himself as Dallas’ head coach. Or to sign himself to a contract to quarterback the team.

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