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Sabrina is gone from Hell’s Kitchen!

Objectively speaking, it is really amazing how a girl can be so beautiful and yet so unlikable due her 22-year-old-going-on-12 immaturity. This episode in particular, she struck me as very mercurial and manipulative. Definitely what you do not want to see in a head chef. I’m still laughing at Sabrina* trying to save her neck by telling Chef Ramsay that Gail should instead be kicked off. Someone who constantly blames others and throws them under the bus? Not good at all.

Sabrina should’ve been shown the door long ago.

Yes, I’ve had issues with the racist Russell, but he delivered again last night as he scored a perfect 100 on his soup (50 out of 50 for presentation, the same for taste). I see him as a finalist and possibly the winner, simply because when his back is to the wall, he delivers.

Trevor? I would be surprised if he’s not kicked off next week. He just seems to have too much bitterness.

I am still puzzled why that sous chef chose to single out Trevor for yelling when Sabrina was doing the same and when Russell was getting a nasty attitude. Some can be pathetically comical when they step in to correct. He reminded me a little of some dirt bag sergeants I knew in the service who liked to pull rank.

*Not to be confused with my oldest sister, Sabrina, who’s a much nicer person.

Richard Zowie will never be on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen and prefers to cook strictly as a hobby. Post comments here or e-mail Richard at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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