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Watching ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ on Hulu.com

The past few weeks, I was seething about how both the backstabbing Sabrina (not to be confused with my very wonderful oldest sister) and the racist Russell are both still on Hell’s Kitchen. Sabrina does not impress me with her cut-throat, whiny ways, although she has been improving as a chef every week. Russell is bossy, the kind of person who will seek out a week teammate and do everything he can to throw them under the bus and get them eliminated. I don’t see him as a leader in a kitchen. He is also a racist: when the Russian-born Boris was on the show, Russell made remarks about Boris sweating “like a Russian pig” and how he wanted to kick Boris’ “Russian *ss” out of Hell’s Kitchen.

If I owned a restaurant and heard someone talk like that, that would be grounds for immediate termination. Anyone, please feel free to explain to me how that is not racist.

Russell then tried to sabotage Trevor, who had a great night. When it was clear Russell struggled, he then schmoozed Trevor and was upset when Trevor nominated him for elimination. Russell appeared to be eliminated…only to be sent back into the line as someone else was given the boot.

That being said, in this most recent episode I was very satisfied with the decision to send Vinny home. Russell realized his problems, went to bed early and did a great job in the kitchen. Vinny stayed up late, talked smack, woke up hung over and was terrible.

I love to dislike Russell, but he definitely deserved to not get kicked off last Wednesday when Vinny had a horrible performance.

At this stage, I’m hoping Trevor, Gail or Nona wins…

I found out last night Hulu.com has old episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I suspect much of what happens on the show is typical reality show material, but it is entertaining to watch. The show so far is about the notorious workaholic Simmons constantly trying to make business deals and eschewing Shannon Tweed’s pleas to take a vacation and, in the first episode, to get married.

Simmons has been known to correct people who refer to this reality show as Family Jewels instead of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. 

Ah, yes. In the letters section of his website, Simmons proudly declares he and Shannon are “happily unmarried.” Nick Simmons replies, “Dad calls it ‘happily unmarried’, Mom calls it ‘waiting.’” From the first episode, we learn that if Gene popped the question, Shannon would probably have the family and her sister and Gene’s mother hop the first flight to Las Vegas to get married.

I’ve read Simmons’ autobiography and based on his account of his early years, I suspect Gene’s father leaving has to do with Gene’s reluctance to walk down the aisle. Of course, divorce laws that give a woman at least half of the assets (in some cases, even more even when she was the reason for the failed marriage), obviously don’t help, either.

Simmons prides himself in answering to himself, and his ego is something his kids and Shannon frequently love to poke fun at.

Still, a fascinating show where we get many glimpses into Simmons the businessman. It is tickling to hear him call his mother and hear her call him by his Hebrew name: Chaim.

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