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I’m from Texas, but I’m cheering for the San Francisco Giants

People back home have called me a traitor and a sell out because I don’t want the Texas Rangers to win the World Series. In the American League Division Series I cheered for the Tampa Bay Rays and in the ACLS I did the unthinkable and cheered for the New York Yankees. And now, in the World Series, I am cheering for the San Francisco Giants.

Yes, I moved to Texas in 1981 when I was eight and, yes, I consider myself an adopted Texan (I also have a grandmother, two aunts, five nephews, one niece and a son born in Texas). Most of my family still lives in Texas. And, yes, I bleed blue and silver for the Dallas Cowboys and blue and orange* for the Houston Astros.

Notice, I said “Astros” and not “Texas Rangers”. That is because I am not a Ranger fan. Never have been, never will be.

Yes, I know there are Texas residents who like both teams, but you will often discover about Texas that allegiances are similar to those in Chicago and New York: you like either the Cubs or White Sox or you like either the New York Yankees or Mets. In Texas, you like either the Texas Longhorns or Texas A&M Aggies. Houston Texan fans hate the Dallas Cowboys, and Cowboy fans hate the Texans.

So, therefore, as a staunch Houston Astros fan, I don’t want to see the Rangers win the World Series.

Yes, I know I have bitterness because Nolan Ryan finished his career in Arlington due to the stinginess and stupidity of the late former Astros owner John McMullen (Ryan is also enshrined as a Ranger in the Hall of Fame), but truth is, I’ve never liked the Rangers.

Some Astros fans may cheer for the Rangers, but this one won’t.

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