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Just wondering: when Castro dies, Alonso calls out Penn, frivolous lawsuits…

When the day finally comes when Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dies, I have no doubt many Hollywood celebrities (such as Jack Nicholson, Oliver Stone and Sean Penn) will request permission to travel to Cuba for the funeral. How nice it would be if whoever is the president at the time says to them: “Absolutely, but you can go on one condition: it has to be a one-way ticket. When you arrive, you must tear up your American passport and request political asylum.”…

…Speaking of Penn, I wonder if he has ever responded to the open letter sent to him from Cuban-born, Venezuelan-raised actress Maria Conchita Alonso chastising him for the many public orgasms he’s had when meeting with or speaking about Castro and Venezuelan madman dictator Hugo Chavez? Maybe Penn’s trying to locate his crayons.

No, I don’t like Penn. There are actors out there (such as Robert DeNiro) who are very liberal but keep their politics subdued enough where I can enjoy their movies. But as for Penn, the last thing I’ve seen him act in or direct was The Pledge. About half a year ago, my wife borrowed The Interpreter from the library.

Will you watch it with me? she asked.

It has Sean Penn in it. Absolutely not, I replied.

…Yesterday, at a fine arts festival in Clio, Mich., I met a lady who works in the insurance business. She told me of one disturbing claim filed on a homeowner’s policy: a couple went on vacation and decided to drain their swimming pool and then cover it with one of those tarps. While they were gone, a drunk man staggered onto their property and in his intoxicated state, decided he wanted to go swimming. So, he pulled back the tarp and dove into the pool. He broke his neck.

The man then sued the couple for damages and despite his being drunk and being a trespasser, the judge ruled in his favor.

I’m left to wonder: how?

Stories abound about how criminals injure themselves in the process of breaking into someone’s home or are shot by the homeowner, and then successfully sue the homeowner.

What is so difficult about passing a law stating that if you are injured while breaking the law, you are entitled to NO compensation from your would-be victim?

Such judicial stupidity only encourages scam artists to become professional victims…

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