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My decision to quit visiting a certain blog

About two months ago, I un-friended a blogger on Facebook due to their rudeness and condescension towards those who disagreed with them. Their boorish behavior wasn’t just towards liberals, but also fellow conservatives who just weren’t conservative enough for the blogger’s liking.

Last weekend, after a long e-mail exchange about who’s a real conservative and who isn’t, I finally decided there was no more point in arguing. In the blogger’s mind, I was an idiot for voting twice for President Bush and then for John McCain, among other things, instead of holding out for “real” conservatives who would’ve had no chance against Al Gore and John Kerry (I shudder to think of either of them as president). And after seeing what this person posted regarding an argument similar to mine, I felt it was time to move on.

We can disagree, but when a person feels the need to talk down and to be condescending, we have nothing to say–especially when they are embarrassingly wrong on some of their own takes. I do find it ironic that this person chastised Sarah Palin for using the phrase “You betcha!” a lot while on their own blog frequently using the word “Ain’t” and while some on Youtube have wondered if the blogger’s particular American accent suggests someone who lives in the country. Perhaps for emphasis they used ain’t, but to me it sounds ridiculous unless used very, very seldom.

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

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