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Review of ‘It’s Complicated’

It’s very difficult for me to say no to a movie that stars Meryl Streep (one of my favorite actresses), not to mention Steve Martin (one of my favorite comedic actors). And while I loathe Alec Baldwin’s politics, let’s face it: he’s a great comedic actor.

It’s Complicated looks into the life of a Jane Adler, a successful baker played by Streep, her ex-husband Jake Adler (Baldwin) and her architect/potential new boyfriend Adam (Martin). Jake is a lawyer who lives with his trophy wife Agness, whom he left Jane for, along with her obnoxious little son who is the true master of the domain. Jake confides to Jane in the movie that meals are home are a dull experience due to the son’s limited palate.

Whereas Jake’s new wife Agness was the “other woman” in his divorce from Jane, a night of drinking results in an affair between himself and his ex-wife. The irony is very funny as the ex-wife is now the potential home wrecker. They continue their affair, much to Jane’s extreme reluctance and as she’s starting to develop feelings for Adam character. Baldwin is absolutely superb as a very regretful, energetic ex-husband who won’t take no for an answer.

To make a humorous story short, Jake’s unhappy with his new marriage (and Agness’s attempt to use him as, well, a stud service) and with his annoying stepson and finds himself falling in love again with his ex-wife. After being caught in a dance where you can easily see something’s been going on, Agness kicks him out of the house (he claims he left). He tries unsuccessfully to reconcile with Jane as she realizes she’s moved on. We speculate that she feels he will probably cheat on her again once the newness wears off. Plus, she likes her new life and her possible new boyfriend.

What I liked: It was funny and well acted with some hilarious plot turns. The ending is very fitting and satisfying.

What I didn’t like: I felt the marijuana scene was unnecessary and too trivialized (it irritates me when marijuana use is portrayed in comical ways) in this film. As I watched, all I could think was, please don’t tell me I’ll be this much of a moron when I get older and do stupid things on a lark. With some U.S. states now offering medical marijuana, it really irritated me that they’d put that in; I felt it was extremely unnecessary in the plot.

Overall, It’s Complicated was a pretty good movie.

Richard Zowie prefers to tell movie fans what he liked and disliked about a film and then to let them decide for themselves whether or not to watch it. Post comments here or e-mail him at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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