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New e-mail, being objective, Mel Gibson, funny commercials

From A to Zowie

New e-mail, being objective, Mel Gibson, funny commercials

By Richard Zowie

(Published in the July 21, 2010 issue of Clio, Mich.-based Mt. Morris/Clio Birch Run/Bridgeport Herald. This is an extended version of the print version.)

…I recently received business cards and with them, a new e-mail address. From now on, if you’d like to reach me with a news tip or story suggestion for the Herald or to tell me I’m a no-talent hack, my e-mail address is rzowie@myherald.net. If I see you in the community, don’t be surprised if I offer you a business card. It’s my way of trying to dig deep and find out what’s going on in northern Genesee County and southern Saginaw County…

…A few weeks ago, I mentioned on Facebook that I’d gone to the Birch Run Body of One Expo. A fellow Christian thought it was amusing that I, a conservative Christian, would attend such an event.

Actually, it’s not really that difficult to believe. When I go to such events, I go as a journalist. My personal opinions and bias stay home while I bring my objectivity. For me, it was a time to take photos, get names, ask questions and learn a few interesting things. Having that perspective has allowed me to interview many people with viewpoints much different from mine and to be able to do so in a fair, objective way…

…The Mel Gibson saga takes another curious turn. One report says that his estranged ex-girlfriend, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, allegedly demanded $10 million from him in return for not releasing the audio tapes and not accusing him of assault.

Hmmmm. Sounds fishier to me than a sushi restaurant.

Amid all the guilty-until-proven-guilty drones like New York Times columnist Frank Rich (who obviously holds a grudge against Gibson for making the tremendously non-controversial film The Passion of the Christ)*, audio forensic experts are saying now the audio sounds doctored and altered. One I read of recently said that Grigorieva, a professional singer, sounded like she was talking into a Dictaphone rather than on a telephone. She sounds remarkably calm for a woman being physically and verbally abused (remember, according to her Gibson has even threatened to kill her). At least one dentist has stated her account of the alleged assault is inconsistent with the injuries she suffered and that her injuries may have even been self-inflicted.

Am I saying Gibson is innocent? Nope. What I am saying is so many are so eager to rush to judgment without allowing the facts to interfere with their opinion. While Grigorieva’s ex-husband, actor Timothy Dalton, supports her, Gibson’s ex-wife Robyn has signed a sworn statement saying Gibson has never been verbally or physically abusive with her or their children.

* Anybody who bothers to read the New Testament Gospels will plainly see Jesus willingly gave his own life and was not murdered, contrary to what Rich ignorantly thinks Gibson’s movie depicts (Rich in a recent column even claims the movie is ‘homoerotic’, which makes me wonder if he’s even seen the movie and if, perhaps, he has issues to deal with if he’s reading sex into a movie where it wasn’t there). Yes, indeed, make farcical plays and movies like Jesus Christ Superstar, Life of Brian, The Last Temptation of Christ, but heaven forbid a movie should be made that accurately depicts the final 12 hours of Jesus’ life…

…Long ago, there were commercials where kids said embarrassing things they overheard from their parents. My two favorites:

For a snack company, a young boy meets his father’s boss. After the boss smiles and greets the boy, the boy stares intently at the boss. Finally, confused, he looks over to his dad and says, “Dad, his nose isn’t brown!”

For Disney World, a little girl with her mother and baby brother tells the crowd in an elevator about how her brother was born around nine months after she and her parents had visited Disney World. “Mom calls him her ‘Little Souvenir!’” the girl announces, much to her mother’s beet-red embarrassment…

Richard Zowie is a reporter and columnist for the Herald. Visit his blog at http://www.fromatozowie.wordpress.com or e-mail him at rzowie@myherald.net. Non-Herald readers can reach him at richardzowie@gmail.com.

  1. mildred joyce zowie
    July 21, 2010 at 12:08 am

    Richard this is the best picture of you I have ever seen. Seriously, I would appreciate a hard copy. I compare your pictures to Roberts.
    Love, Aunt J.

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