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Random thoughts, ‘from a to Zowie’

Random thoughts, ‘from a to Zowie’

…There has been talk among forensic audio experts that the alleged but now infamous Mel Gibson recording may be, at the very least, doctored. One “expert” said the video sounded edited and spliced. And, as one guy pointed out from work, Oksana Grigorieva sounded awfully calm for a woman being physically and emotionally abused. Some even feel the oral injuries she claims came when punched by Gibson were self-inflicted and inconsistent with her account of the story.

No, I’m not a diehard Gibson apologist, but I do believe we should have the facts before passing judgment. The same goes true for Alec Baldwin: many chastised him for screaming in a phone call to his daughter and calling her a “thoughtless little pig”, but a) it was a private phone message (which I think was leaked by his ex, Kim Basinger) and b) haven’t we all said things when angry that we later deeply regret and c) why should judgment be passed on Baldwin when we didn’t know all the facts?

This being said, I still plan to keep my copy of The Passion of the Christ and someday upgrade to the deluxe edition. When you look through the arts, you learn that God has been able to use flawed vessels and absolute dirt bags to create things that are very beneficial to mankind…

…Congratulations on your NFL “careers”, Michael Vick and JaMarcus Russell. Thanks for playing…

…Larry King, arguably the most overrated interviewer in entertainment history, is finally retiring. He will apparently be replaced by Piers Morgan. You know, the Simon Cowell-wannabe on America Has No Talent who erroneously thinks you must be a (it rhymes with “grass mole”) to tell someone they have no talent.

I take it back about King: the worst interviewer is Ahmad Rashad for how he frequently sucked up to pal Michael Jordan when “interviewing” him. Jim Rome, the sports talk show host who is an excellent interviewer, once hilariously (but astutely) speculated that if Jordan were walking down the street and abruptly turned, he would no doubt break Rashad’s nose…

…My kids think I have too many pens and too many notebooks. They just don’t understand…

Richard Zowie tends to be a paradox, a man who’s becoming more open-minded but yet, when he truly believes in something, remains very opinionated. Post comments here or e-mail Richard at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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