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Julie & Julia

I watched this movie and found it to be pretty good. My, my, my, “critics” say they didn’t like Amy Adams’ performance. I pity people who pattern their movie experiences around what “critics” say. To be blunt, I frequently find the opinions of “critics” to be as useful as soiled toilet paper.

Meryl Streep was marvelous as Julia Child, my favorite example of her hyper-exhuberance being her saying “I’m UP!” when getting out of bed one morning.

Some may have preferred a movie that centered around Julia Child. To me, the film was a fascinating look at blogs and how they gain popularity. I like how they looked at the lives of two women who though connected apparently never met.

I was curious about why Julia Child didn’t like the blog, something the movie never completely explains. One of the reasons appears to be Child didn’t like Julie Powell’s use of profanity (I glanced over it and saw a few F-bombs). Child also apparently considered it to be a “stunt” and Powell not a serious cook. It is entirely possible that Child, who was around 90 when the blog began, didn’t understand what a blog was. Heck, I’ve been using e-mail since 1998 and back in 2002 I didn’t know what a blog was. At the gas station where I work, I have lots of senior citizen customers who have no idea how to work a keypad.

If you get a chance to watch Julie & Julia, I recommend it. Highly.

Richard Zowie enjoys watching movies and chronicling his experiences watching them. Someday he’d like to be in a movie or, at the very least, act on stage in a local production. Post comments here or drop Richard a line at fromatozowie@gmail.com.

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