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President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night

I didn’t watch it.

Not because I don’t care for President Obama (well, to be honest, I don’t), but because I was working at the gas station. The only strong link I had to the outside world, besides the phone, was the radio set to 96 WHNN. None of the customers we had last night seemed interested enough to talk about it.

Yes, if I’d been home I might’ve tried to watch it to have something to blog about. The keyword, of course, is tried. I never really liked watching President George W. Bush’s State of the Unions, even though I voted twice for him without regrets. Whether the president is liberal or conservative, the SOTU is pretty much an infomercial that they’ve rehearsed, rewritten and tested. It consists of these thoughts:

Here are all the great things I’ve done as president.

I’ve done lousy things, but I blame it on the lousy situation I inherited from the previous president.

Vote for me again!

Maybe I’ll catch the next one.

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