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The answer to America’s airline security problems? Two words: El Al

A few years ago, the venerable Cal Thomas wrote a great column about airport security and how we in America should emulate Israel’s El Al airlines.

Thomas writes that while here in America “profiling” has become a dirty word, that’s how El Al* operates. If someone looks or acts suspicious or if they seem hesitant about routine questions regarding who they are, where they’re going, whom they’ll visit, they get questioned further. And scrutinized.

After all these years, how many El Al flights have been hijacked or crashed into buildings?


It would be absolutely wonderful if we’d implement this type of airline security here in America, but too many Americans–no doubt used to our “fast food” approach to everything–would whine about the personal questions, about the time it takes to get on the plane. Never mind that the faster, corner-cutting approach will undoubtedly allow future terrorists to slip through the cracks.

I asked Len, a friend in the aviation industry, what he thought of El Al’s approach and whether it would work here in America. His response:

“Israel (El Al) understands the objective…and has the system in place to achieve it – the U.S. does NOT understand the objective (or even have an objective) and, therefore, cannot achieve it.

“The TSA is a jobs program…and is a failure by any measure!

“To answer your question: Sadly, No.”

* I’m told El Al means “To the skies” or “Skyward” in Hebrew.

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