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Just asking…

…Will the time come when Al Gore is formally asked by the powers-that-be at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to return the Oscar he won for An Inconvenient Truth? It’s becoming more and more apparent that his “documentary” is based on incorrect data. I also find it ominous that Gore refuses to answer any tough questions on the subject and has even refused John Stossel’s request for a debate. Mr. Vice President, if you’re right and they’re wrong, what’s the problem? Why not accept Stossel’s request and “own” him and show the world that what you’ve been saying about man-made global warming is true?

I’d also like to see Mr. Gore answer questions about whether or not his house really goes through something like $20,000 monthly in energy costs…

…I understand Elin Nordegren told Tiger Woods he’d have to indefinitely quit golf for the sake of their marriage. If she indeed divorces him, does that mean he’ll be hitting the links again?

I suspect that if someone tries to scream “YOU THE MAN!” while Tiger attempts a short putt, that person will get to wear Tiger’s putter as a new necklace…

…Does DNC chair Howard Dean’s refusal to support this health care bill of President Barack Obama’s and Dean’s statement he won’t “vigorously” support Obama’s re-election mean that the honeymoon of America and the president is over?

Man, I am sooooooo thankful we elected an inexperienced president instead of an inexperienced vice president. That was a close one!

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