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Laura Ingraham’s ‘No Tiger Woods’ policy

I’m starting to become a huge fan of The Laura Ingraham Show. I’ve been listening to her for a few years. Smart lady who describes herself as a “recovering lawyer”. Very articulate about government issues and, unlike some talk show hosts (like Sean Hannity, whom I actually like), Ingraham seldom cuts off people whom she disagrees with.

Laura Ingraham

Someone the other day asked her what she thought of the whole Tiger Woods debacle. Ingraham’s response: we have an economy that could still go under, a bunch of “environmentalists” traveling to a global warming summit in Copenhagen in private jets, a war on terror to deal with. Tiger Woods and his personal life are immaterial by comparison.

Ingraham’s policy illustrates for me the need we have as Americans to put pop culture in its proper place and focus on the issues in life that are truly fortunate.

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