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A remake of ‘The Stepfather’? Why?

Some cinematic purists were upset when a remake was made of the 1973 political thriller The Day of the Jackal. The original, starring Edward Fox as The Jackal, stood the test of time, they said. So, the “remake” was renamed The Jackal. I liked both, but the Sixties version certainly was a great, if not superior, film.

And now, the 1987 horror/thriller The Stepfather has a remake.


I saw the original, and it was absolutely creepy. Terry O’Quinn was marvelous as the serial killer who kills off his family and moves onto another one in search of a perfect family. The scene where his stepdaughter’s teacher visits him under the guise of looking for a house to buy is, well, chilling.

It makes you think they must really be hard up for movie ideas in Tinsel Town if they’re making remakes of great older movies that don’t need a remake.

Here’s the trailer for the original film…

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