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Nobel Peace Prize, Limbaugh and Rams…

I have read that the Nobel Peace Prize nomination deadline was back in February–just a few weeks after President Barack Obama took office.


I’m still trying to understand how a man who’d just gotten into office and barely had enough time to appoint a Secretary of the Department of Teleprompter Maintenance department could win such a prestigious award.

Getting passed over so that Obama could win were a Chinese dissident and an Afghanistani woman who has risked her life to ensure girls receive an education in her country despite threats by the Taliban.

This shouldn’t be surprising: back in 2007, Irena Sendler–a Polish woman who helped save 2,500 Jews from extermination during the Holocuast–was passed over in favor of Al Gore for his Gospel Against Global Warming.

You know, I’m working on fiction and hope to get it published someday. Maybe I’ll receive a Nobel Prize for Literature for my potential…

…So, it looks like Rush Limbaugh won’t be a part owner of the St. Louis Rams. Too much controversy. It’s pretty bizarre. We can allow an owner (Art Modell) to rip out the hearts of Cleveland football fans, we can allow an owner (Al Davis) who’s turning the Oakland Raiders from a once-feared franchise to one that’s a warped caricature of itself, we can readmit players who do drugs (Michael Irvin), mistreat dogs (Michael Vick), show disrespect to police officers (Randy Moss), but God save us from conservative talk show hosts who love football and who want to be successful in a business venture.

Yes, Rush was wrong for letting his addiction to OxyContin get out of hand. No arguments from me there. But didn’t the NFL allow Brett Favre return after rehab for his painkiller addiction?

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