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Roman Polanski: artist, director, pedophile

I hear that the now-adult woman who was Roman Polanski’s victim back in the day wants an end to this controversy regarding the filmmaker’s arrest in Switzerland and his possible extradition to the United States to finally face the punishment for the felony conviction he received. Polanski, you’ll remember, was accused in 1977 of reportedly plying his then-13-year-old female victim with champagne and then having both vaginal and anal intercourse with her. (Polanski later pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor, which, unlike the rape the victim described in her original testimony, generally covers consenting sex between an adult and a minor).

I give these details because many look at Polanski as the victim rather than as a pedophile.

The woman, I understand, long ago sued Polanski and received a financial settlement. She, and many in Hollywood feel the director should be allowed to move on with his life. Prior to his arrest, Polanski (who has French and Polish citizenship) had been staying in those countries after having fled America three decades ago to avoid extradition. Under French law, French citizens can not be extradited to America.

Polanski is really no different than the other men and women in this country who are convicted of or who plead guilty to sex crimes against children. Except that he had the resources to flee this country and go to another country to avoid prison time. And he had the money to pay off his victim. I’m still trying to understand why he should be given special privileges that other pedophiles aren’t. (If you ever want to hear stories that’ll make you very squeamish, ask a prison guard or a penologist what happens to a child molestor in prison).

Chances are, Polanski won’t do hard time at a place like Folsom State Prison. But I do feel he should have to answer for his crime. Hiding out in Europe and not taking one’s medicine doesn’t sound like the actions of a remorse man.

Yeah, yeah, the judge screwed him over. Please get in line, Mr. Polanski: every convicted felon has an excuse.

At the end of it all, it amazes me how Hollywood so staunchly defends a pedophile who cowardly leaves the country but yet villifies Mel Gibson for his drunken tirade.

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