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Mini-review of ‘All About Steve’


My wife and I went to a matinee showing today of the Sandra Bullock film All About Steve. You know my feelings: movie critics (and most critics, for that matter) are snobs who are more full of closed opinions rather than what makes for a great movie. So, I’ll tell you what I liked, what I didn’t like and let you, the reader decide for yourself.

We were the only ones in the theater to watch this movie. I’m thankful we ignored the critics who panned it, and I lament the sheep out there who base their movie choices solely on what critics say.

What I liked about All About Steve: Sandra Bullock’s character, a cerebral who has a hard time functioning in the real world, is someone I can relate to. She was very cute and convincing in the role. She was also very endearing. While it comes across somewhat as a romantic comedy, she does not get Steve at the end. But Steve concludes that while he and Mary aren’t compatible, he at least understands her quirks better. It’s encouraging and teaches us that we should be very slow to judge those who are different from us. Thomas Haden Church was also funny in this film, and M.C. Gainey’s brief cameo was nice.

What I didn’t like: It wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped, and the mine scene seemed a little too much of a stretch to create a crisis.

No, there will probably never be an All About Steve 2, but this was a very cute film. Please don’t let the critics ruin your chances of getting a few good laughs.

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