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Thank Goodness Oliver Stone’s not President

For years and years, when he’s not making gonzo movies like The Doors , JFK, Nixon and Born On the Fourth of July, we’ve had to deal with Oliver Stone’s distorted political views. He’s ranted on and on about how dangerous President George W. Bush was while practically working himself into euphoria over his buddies Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Stone, last time I checked, in Bush’s America you could still publicly criticize the government. You can’t in Cuba or Venezuela. In fact, in Venezuela your budy Oogo is trying to shut down all opposition media (Globovision may lose its license for allegedly broadcasting a text message calling for a coup and for Chavez’ assassination). And, of course, we know about what Castro likes to do to filmmakers who make films he doesn’t like (such as Nicolas Guillen).

Recently, Stone and Chavez walked the red carpet for the showing of Stone’s new documentary South of the Border. Stone wonders if South American governments are more democratic than what we in America have been led to believe.

Congrats, Ollie, you have been marvelously brainwashed.


This photo looks like Oliver Stone’s in a cult led by Hugo Chavez.

One has to wonder why Stone doesn’t just live down there for a few years and experience things first-hand. Of course, if he goes as a guest of Raul Castro to Cuba or as Chavez’ to Venezuela he’s bound to get a nice, rosy glass perspective.

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