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President Obama shows his wear and tear

obama gray

President Obama is showing his wear and tear

If you look closely at this pic, it looks like President Barack Obama is starting to show not-so-subtle signs of gray hair.

Granted, he’s in his mid forties (I’m 36 and have noticeable gray hair), but it seems like he had a full head of black hair during the campaign.

Maybe it’s because the approval ratings keep going down. Fifty-two percent disapprove of his handling of the health care issue while 49 percent disapprove of his overall job performance.

And now, according to this blog posting, the president hasn’t invited any Republican congressmen to the White House since April to talk about health care reform.

I wonder if this is what the president meant by “change”. Or maybe he meant it in a more literal sense–the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters you’ll have remaining once he taxes your paycheck.

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