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Eminem vs. Mariah Carey

Sorry, fans of Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, but I’m cheering for Mariah Carey in their feud.

Yeah, yeah, Mathers is surrounded by crazy women and is only undastood by hiz homies. With homies like that, who needs haters?

Yeah, I know Stephen King finds Mathers funny, but I find his act very tiring. It’s amazing how Mathers has made such a career out of being a misogynist who raps about vile crap and then gripes when people express outrage over his lyrics.

Sorry, Mathers, but my parents and grandparents’ stories about surviving in the Great Depression beat your stories about 8 Mile Road. If you’ve ever had to spend day after day eating pecans off the neighbor’s tree (something my aunt remembers) because there is no food in your house (remember, they had no welfare in those days), perhaps you can talk about hard times. Of if you’ve ever had to walk many miles round trip into town (something my grandfather had to do) to barter for a large bag of rice in return for work because your family had no food, then maybe you can talk.

And, besides, what’s up with parodying all those people and then telling “Weird Al” Yankovic he can’t do a video to go along with his parody of “Lose Yourself”? If you ask me, your hypocrisy should be certified platinum.

Note: I was in Detroit a lot during April 2006 and remember when Mathers’ friend, Proof, was fatally shot. A little-known fact was that Proof a) had a blood alcohol level way beyond the legal limit for driving and b) had already shot a man and was about to shoot him again when the man’s friend shot Proof in defense; if Proof had survived, he would’ve probably faced murder charges.

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