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Mad TV: How the mighty have fallen


Once upon a time, I used to laugh myself limp at Mad TV. Some of it involved guilty-pleasure skits, such as the hilarious duet of Julie Andrews singing with a gangsta rapper. Hearing the actress mimicking Andrews’ sweet soprano and singing “Slap that ho!” is one of those things: you know you probably shouldn’t laugh, but it’s so out there and so ironic you can’t help yourself. Then there are the skits that aren’t so raunchy, such as the gourmet chef from Latin America who immigrates to America and is forced to work as a fast food cook in a Tex-Mex restaurant. He angrily throws knives at customers who butcher the names of his beloved dishes.

And now, Mad TV is in a slump.

This past weekend, I watched an episode. I laughed maybe twice, and none at all during Bobby Lee’s 24 spoof.

Granted, Lee’s not a bad comedic actor, but with 24, there are so many possibilities for humor. Jack Bauer interrogating Keifer Sutherland. Bauer interrogating himself. Bauer trying to save America from Oprah Winfrey’s exploding ego.

Instead, Mad’s “24” constantly revolves around Lee sleeping.

Who needs a sleeping pill when you have Mad TV?

Watching it made me feel sleepy, especially when you throw Cheech and Chong into the mix. I suppose if I were ever dumb enough to try marijuana I’d find the two funny, but I haven’t, so I don’t.


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