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A very funny Israeli movie

I can’t remember the name of it, but I saw it on PBS last night. It had to do with time travel, Albert Einstein, a nerd befriending a beautiful girl, and a comically-strict teacher who happens to be the girlfriend of the beautiful girl’s brother’s Russian-Jewish émigré best friend. It was fun watching it, and thank goodness for the subtitles since I can count on both hands the number of Hebrew words I know. One I recognized, סופר, means “writer”.

Anyway, it was a very funny movie. I find it fascinating to see comedies from elsewhere and see what other cultures find funny.

What’s the name of the movie? The Russian Jewish Israeli’s name was Anatoli, but his real name is Vladimir Friedman. I’ll have to plug his name into the Internet Movie Database and see what I find.

Maybe I’m just getting disillusioned with American cinema, but lately I’ve been craving indies and foreign films (I prefer subtitles).

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