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America Does NOT Have Talent


Especially if we’re hinging our hopes on finding it through Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.

Osbourne seems to have a thing for men who dress in drag and lip synch. Two years ago, it was the abysmal, talentless Boy Shakira who not only made it past the first round, but inexplicably made it to the final 10.

Last night, it was the group of Divas. Piers alone hit the X and said no. Osbourne and “The Hoff” thought this group had talent.

Sheesh, what gives?

One or two acts later, the dominatrix Mom gets three X’s. She actually sang.

And, that geriatric comedienne who wasn’t really that funny got sent through.


Thank you, Ms. Osbourne, for reminding me why I quit watching the show in the first place.

And Hoff, considering your singing career is virtually non-existent here in America, what makes you such an expert now? What, Clive Davis wasn’t available to be a judge?

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