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From my mailbag

From time to time, I receive reader comments at my writer’s blog, this blog, my Christian issues blog and at my satirical blog. Here’s what I’ve received recently:

Upon blogging about Hebrew and how a friend says its simplicity compares to sign language, someone named Hebrew Scholar, who runs a website that teaches Hebrew, said this:

 Thanks for this interesting post. You are right – Hebrew is a very simple and direct language. For example, teaching a Hebrew speaker a simple English sentence like “Here is a dog”. In Hebrew you say “this, dog”. There is no word for “is” and no word for “a”. Hebrew is much simpler. It is a more logical language.

In my blog posting Sotomayor and Racism, my blog had a visit from Australia! Here’s what they had to say:

 Yes I live in Australia and I don’t like Sotomayor (or Red Sonja!).
She has dodged so many questions I really think she has something to hide. It all comes down to choosing a good President. Although Ann Coulter didn’t like MaCain I would think he is better than Obama. But Ann is a very smart woman. I like her books.

And finally, blogging about drunk driving is sure to get interesting responses. When I posted about former Chicago Bears quarterback Bob Avellini and how he’s dodged bullets due to technicalities when arrested for drunk driving, here’s a response I received from someone:

I understand this is a blog and not a true source for news but, if you are going to write as fact, please get your facts straight. The following are corrected inaccuracies in your article:
1) Mr. Avellini has been arrested 4 times, with three cases resulting in acquittal. His first DUI he plead guilty and received court supervision, which is not a conviction.
2) It is true that his 2007 DUI was dismissed due to the officer moving to Florida. What you probably didn’t know is that the DUI he was just found not guilty of is that same DUI. The prosecution refiled the case and flew the officer back to court to testify. Alas, he was still found not guilty due to a lack of evidence.

In this country you still have a right to privacy. If a person doesn’t want to submit to tests it his right to do so. Especially for someone who an officer would have a preconceived notion of guilt or innocence.

I don’t think you are naive enough to believe that all officers, tests and machines are credible and accurate.

I suspect it was either his attorney or a friend.

My response:

Thank you for your response. However, let me correct you on this: this is a blog, not an “article”. You’re right: a plea of guilty is not a conviction. As for the rest of the column, I based my information on published reports and linked to them. If you contest the accuracy, kindly e-mail them also.

FOUR arrests instead of three?

No, I’m not naive enough to believe all machines are accurate all the time, and I also don’t think you’re naive enough to believe there’s no fire where there’s lots of smoke. I also don’t think you are naive enough to believe that all DUI suspects are indeed just victims of bad testing, bad machines or unreliable officers, or that all attorneys who defend DUI clients are ethical people with consciences.

A police officer’s job is to pull over someone he or she thinks is driving suspiciously and might pose a serious threat to others. A person who shows telltale signs of DUI but doesn’t want a test tells me they have something to hide. His privacy ends when he poses a potential threat to others. With all due respect, Mr. Avellini’s refusal to do the tests and his attorney’s pointing their absence as a lack of evidence sounds like a textbook scam to me.

People die all the time in this country from being hit by drunk drivers, many of which had prior arrests, convictions and acquittals. It sounds to me like Mr. Avellini has a problem: four arrests for this sounds far too coincidental. I just hope he gets it resolved before–heaven forbid–someone dies or gets seriously injured.

Check out this site: http://www.helpjacqui.com.

I’ve had other responses that I had to delete because they were tasteless, and I’d rather not name them specifically since I’d give the authors far more attention than they deserve. Still, it can be fun.

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