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An interesting car I saw at the Lapeer Car cruise

I don’t know much about cars, despite having a Dad and grandfather who were both mechanics. I guess the gene just skipped a generation. Or maybe it’s dormant in my DNA, awaiting to be activated if I ever decided to take an auto shop course somewhere. You know, the same way some men and women decide to relax in retirement with an art class and discover they had an artistic talent, one where they can paint marketable pictures.

This past Monday, for a freelance assignment, I went to the Lapeer (Mich.) Car Cruise and saw lots of cool cars. One was a Ford Model T. One was an Amphicar.

And then there was the 1937 Ford Cabriolet.

This car got my attention since it was built when my Dad was a year old, back in that wonderful American economic period called the Great Depression.

What made this car interesting is how the owner modified it.

First, a 350 Chevy transmission into a Ford. Talk about mixing oil with water.

But here’s what really amazed me: the modernization: electric windows, electric rumble seats, climate-controlled heat and air and—get this—digital gauges!

Zowie! I thought.

Is this kind of car modification modern? Feel free to drop me a line and enlighten me.

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