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Businesses come and go in Michigan

Back from 2007-2008, I worked at Big Apple Bagels in Davison, Michigan. I used to joke with my wife that if ever there was a week of too few hours, I should try getting in a few hours at the BAB’s Deli in Clio also.

That’s no longer an option, since Clio’s Bab’s Deli is now closed.

In Millington, Michigan, there’s now a new pizza shop in downtown just off State Street. It’s called Finishline Pizzaria. Not too bad a name, especially in a state where auto racing is popular. But it’s in a tricky location: in the four years I’ve lived here in Michigan, there have been several businesses in that building that have come and gone. It makes you wonder if Finish Line will indeed be finished or if it’ll take off and be successful. That store used to be the location of Big Brutus Pizza, which my wife (who grew up in Millington) described as great pizza.

In what almost looks like a small, portable building in Millington, where there used to be real estate office is now Millington’s first tattoo shop, Express Yourself Tattoos and Body Piercings. I’ve been meaning to stop in there sometime and ask how business has been. It makes me wonder if they’ll still be around come 2010.

There’s been talk of raising minimum wage in Michigan to $10 an hour. On paper, it’s a nice idea, but it’ll really make the state’s unemployment rate skyrocket (and we’re currently the highest in the nation at around 15 percent [including yours truly]). This means a part-time employee working 30 hours a week would go from earning $1,110 per week at the minimum wage rate of $7.40 an hour to $1,500 at $10 an hour. Before Medicare and Social Security taxes and before federal and any applicable state income taxes.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Problem is, when businesses are faced with even higher costs, they’ll look for a way to cut costs. They’ll let go a few employees and make those that remain do an overtime’s worth of work at a part-time rate.

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