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Tattoos and body piercing

Millington, Mich., near where I live, now has a tattoo and body piercing shop. Clio, Mich., also has one, and, interestingly enough, it’s run by a Christian.

If it sounds ironic, it’s because many Christians are against tattoos because of a verse in Leviticus that prohibits “printing” marks on one’s skin.

A few years ago, I did a feature story for the (Lapeer County, Mich.) County Press about tattoos and body piercings. Interesting stories to hear from tattoo artists from all walks of life.

All the shops did body piercing also while some were leery about genital piercing.

One young artist in Almont told me they had to have a special technician to do genital piercing. Putting it delicately, he said this: “We don’t want to have to tell a woman that the best part of her body won’t work anymore.”

Do the math, and you can figure out what that means.

Admittedly, I’ve considered getting a tattoo, but it’s something I’m growing out of. The five or so possible ideas for body art can instead be done on nice, tasteful rings and even necklaces. You know, something htat can be taken off.

And as far as body piercings, no thanks. I don’t even like the idea of having my earlobe pierced, let alone my nose, mouth, tongue, eyebrow or other unmentionable parts of the body.

I understand dentists very strongly discourage tongue piercings.

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