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Is President Obama’s eye really wandering?


Readers of this blog know I’m no fan of President Obama. I didn’t vote for him in 2008 and won’t vote for him should he choose to run again in 2012. Out of respect for the office I make it a point to refer to him as “President Obama” on the first reference and try to avoid using unflattering nicknames.

That being said, I’m not quick to jump on the bandwagon of those ridiculing the president for that photo where Obama, pictured with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, appears to be staring at the butt of 17-year-old Mayora Tavares, a pretty young Brazilian girl.

Looking at the photo, I don’t see anything that shows 100% conclusively that Mr. Obama was indeed staring at the lady’s derriere.

This isn’t to say he wasn’t and it’s not to say the photo’s not unflattering, but rather I don’t see how it be said with complete certainty he was.

Well, Sarkozy was smiling.

You look and decide.

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