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Finished reading ‘The Reagan Diaries’

Because I’ll editorialize a bit in this post, this will be in FATZ rather than my Richard Zowie blog.

Reading over President Reagan’s presidential diaries makes me think of how neat it would be some day to write two types of short stories—one a series of journal entries and one a series of letters.

Many of Reagan’s detractors tried to depict him as a man who endured the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease while president, a man who tried to look busy while in the Oval Office and spent every waking moment at his ranch, playing golf or watching movies. Hardly. Looking at Reagan’s diary, it’s obvious he spent most of his days very busy and juggling countless political crises at the same time.

Many will say Reagan caused the deficit, even though his tax cuts resulted in substantial economic growth. Of course, they neglect that only Congress has the authority to spend money, and while Reagan called for spending cuts when needed, his requests were often denied. Besides, it’s not like Reagan inherited a thriving economy from his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

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